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H3D Mentors

Invitation to apply to the H3D Mentorship program

We seek mentors for the University of Cape Town Drug Discovery and Development Centre, H3D (http://www.h3d.uct.ac.za/) Global Health Mentorship program. Potential mentors should have subject matter expertise in 1 or more areas that has been acquired during an applied setting in industry, consulting practice or research institution:

  • drug discovery sciences in either a biology or pharmacology or a chemistry discipline, or translational medicine (clinical research), or pharmaceutical product development, or project management for preclinical or clinical programs with strong scientific/clinical background; or pharmaceutical formulation sciences

Mentors should have a desire to understand the unique context of H3D’s research organization/environment and a strong personal commitment to share their knowledge and expertise for the future success of H3D and its staff. They will be provided with training guidelines and templates and will have full access to a dedicated program oversight team under the leadership of Colin Pillai (cpplusassociates.org).

For purposes of the H3D Global Health Mentorship Program, mentors and mentees will structure their relationship into the following categories:

  1. the scientific process: Contextualising the H3D approach within the broader methodology for scientific investigation in drug discovery; Guiding critical thinking on the questions that are technically able-to-be-answered and which would have answers that are relevant for the next stage towards product development; helping with the development of strategic research plans for discovery or technology projects. Providing experiential context in the discipline and encouraging the development of critical evaluation of the quality of one's own and other (internal and external scientist’s) research
  2. scientific communication: Enhancing formal, informal, oral and written communication and presentation skills via review, practice and role-play
  3. personal interactions: Sounding board and role-play partner to enhance day-to-day scientific and other professional interactions; facilitating introductions to a wider network of subject matter experts; focus on developing leadership qualities
  4. career progression: Encouraging the development of a career plan; providing advice and counsel regarding career development decisions
  5. scientific responsibility: Providing an ethical and legal framework for the conduct of research and dealing with collaborations

If selected, we anticipate a time commitment at least 4 hours per month for long-distance mentoring and at least 1 face-to-face interaction during this structured 18-month mentorship program. Any program related travel and expenses will be paid according to UCT travel policy guidelines. Mentors will be offered a nominal honorarium payable into their bank account or a charity of their choice.