H3D’s Prof Kelly Chibale Honoured as Leader in Biotech

22 Jul 2021 - 07:45


H3D Founder and Director, Prof Kelly Chibale, was recently listed as one of the 22 Black leaders in Biotech in honour of Juneteenth. The list, published by the Timmerman Report, celebrates innovative black leaders who are change-makers in their respective fields. 


Colin Wilson, a previous medicinal chemist who worked for Kelly, clearly agreed:


“One of his main goals is to create long term opportunities for scientists on the African continent. His aspiration to catalyze a bioscience industry in South Africa with his research to help fight Africa’s “brain drain”. He is also an advocate for more equitable and representative clinical trials and speaks out against what he calls “afro-pessimism”, the pessimistic view that the western world has over Africa and its scientists.”


Prof Chibale,  who was recognised by Fortune magazine as one of the World's 50 Greatest Leaders  in 2018,  was honoured to be included in this list:

“As a hard-core natural scientist and entrepreneur, I believe in the power of science to transform lives and create jobs. Encouraging, supporting and incentivising scientific entrepreneurship will help move the continent of Africa forward. As the only person based in Africa on the list, I am honoured and grateful to be recognised in the US in this way”


Original article by Luke Timmerman from Timmerman Report can be accessed here.